Living in the NOW!

When I first saw this random picture it just made me feel good. Most children are usually full of imagination and have a spirit that is bright and innocent. They tend to Live in the Now. They may express themselves with cheerfulness, joy or tears but move on quickly.

I have personally made a conscious effort to be more present when I'm with others. This sounds simple but can often be complex. The process of quieting the mind, not multitasking, giving others my full attention and focusing in on something is challenging.

I encourage you to join me in the task of being present. Turn off your cell phones, limit the amount of TV and video games in your children's lives. Start the conversation, listen and learn about each other. Don't waste any time with your love ones, friends or colleagues. Time is definitely a gift and it is limited. Paying attention to what is in front of you can often be magical. 

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