A Long Goodbye...

My Mama, Sandra Dye (aka Sandra Dee), peacefully died on 2-2-22. Most of you met her during the past 6 + years I cared for her. You met at client appreciation events, at our home, when she rode shotgun on appointments or gave out pop by gifts with me. Toward the last few years, she came with a warning because I never knew what she would say or, more accurately, what the Alzheimer's version of her would say. She shared stories with colorful details and lots of enthusiasm. The stories were magical and partly true except for what was made up or embellished. You never blinked in supporting me or embracing her. Thank you!

The last two years have been brutal watching the constant change and adapting minute by minute. It was a huge learning curve and many dark days. However, the consistency of going to work gave me energy and purpose with more control than what was going on at home.

During this time, my business continued to grow, and you continued to send me referrals. Thank You! 2021 was my best year in business to date and my most challenging personal year ever. Actually, the low inventory has made work ten times harder too. I'm in awe at your continued support of me and my business, but it's much more than that. Many of you have become close friends and chosen family. (By the way, this is not a requirement for future clients) How amazing is that? You pitched in and offered to sit with Mama, bring meals, run errands, called to check-in, texted, sent cards of encouragement, brainstormed with me on her care needs, and provided her a source of endless cookies (her favorite). I'm honored by your level of compassion! Thank you to the Buyers who met me on appointments at 6 AM so I could be home when Mama was awake during her last days. Thank you to the clients that waited until I could get her to sleep to discuss the multiple offers on your home and negotiations late into the evening. Your patience was a gift and helped me more than you will ever know.  

Mama was at peace and so full of gratitude and love for me. Her last words were, I love you. She was bedridden and could barely talk in her last days. Some of you witnessed her love for music, so I wanted to share that the day before she died, the music therapist (Heartland Hospice) brought her guitar and started singing Amazing Grace over her. Mom had not been responding for over 4 hours. She opened her eyes and raised her hands. I thought she would praise God, but in true form, she started mimicking air guitar and sang every verse. I cried like a water faucet was turned on. It was a beautiful glimpse of PURE JOY! She rested, and a few songs later, she gave us shoulder action and sang All Shook Up by Elvis. That was the last spurt of the spunky personality shared on earth, and I know she danced right into heaven. I'm blessed to feel her presence with me daily, even though the loss is enormous.  

Thank you for being a part of our life! Thank you for letting me serve you and your Real Estate referrals! Thank you for serving me with so much more! I hope you will enjoy eating a warm cookie in Mama's honor! 
💗 Stacie


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