Local Barbecue... good for the soul!

5650 US 15-501 N., Pittsboro, NC 27312
Last night at 7:55 p.m. I passed by Allen and Son BBQ in Pittsboro, NC. I was beyond tired and headed back to work for another 4 hours. I was exhausted and hungry and had been showing homes in the hot, sticky and crazy rainy day. I decided to call and see if they were still open when I got down the road a few miles. I was greeted with a warm welcome over the phone. The young man stated that they close at 8:00 p.m. I told him thank you and that I would come by another time because I had heard the food was delicious. He politely asked how far away I was and I told him. He suggested that I turn around and take a meal to go. He passed the phone off to a young lady that told me what was left and I placed a order of pulled pork bbq and coleslaw. I arrived at 8:07 and my dinner was waiting on me. I was horrified when I handed them my debt card and they told me they didn't accept cards. I of course didn't have cash or a checkbook. They said this happens often so make a note TAKE CASH. The young man was very kind and said well enjoy your meal and come see us again. What? Are you kidding me? I stood there just staring at them for a minute. I asked for the address and typed in the amount owed in my phone. I mailed them a check with a nice card and a tip.*)

I was so touched by the welcome I received. This was a great reminder of how a stranger can impact your day. They were so generous to wait on me to arrive, prepare a wonderful meal and greet me with kindness even after I didn't have the money to pay them. 

My meal was delicious and I ate it in my car. The portion was enough for 3 meals and I left with a full tummy and the hospitality warmed my soul. I wish I knew the name of the folks that waited on me to say Thank You! I also want to say Thank You to the owners. I will be back and suggest you visit them as well! 

Yum! Dinner in my car.
The Check is in the mail!

Keeping The Blood Suckers Away...

The mild winter weather and heavy rainfall has caused an increase in the mosquito population this year. Mosquitoes pose dangers health risk according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Ways to prevent Mosquitoes:
  • Remove standing water by emptying outside containers and making sure your yard has proper drainage. If you’re a fan of birdbaths, change the water in them at least twice a week, and, of course, change the water in outdoor pet bowls regularly. For items such as recycling bins, drill drainage holes to prevent standing water. Clean debris from gutters. Repair leaky faucets. Turn buckets and the kiddie pool upside.
  • Grow the right plants. Plants such as horse mint, rosemary, marigolds, ageratum and catnip are said to have odorous attributes that mosquitoes detest. Simply crush the leaves to release their scent, or rub them on your skin and clothing for the most protection.
  • Burn a bit of the herb. (Not that herb.) The next time you barbecue, throw some sage or rosemary on the coals to repel mosquitoes.
  • Attract bats. It is said that one small brown bat can catch 600 mosquitoes per hour. I have clients that are true believers. All about bats.
  • Wear repellents when outdoors. There are plenty of natural concoctions that you can make by searching online. My new favorite is Natural Quit Bugging Me!  I purchased it at Whole Foods and keep it in my car at all times.  
 If it has already happened try one of these remedies.

Closing Day!

Closing Day for Ray & Leah! 

Stacie has been our realtor for the past three years, patiently showing us dozens of homes since we moved to the Durham area.  We finally found a home we love, and thank Stacie for her support through the whole process.  She was always quick to return our calls, lend advice when asked, and helped us navigate the home buying process in a friendly and professional way.  She will also go beyond the call of duty to find a solution when surprises may come up during the process.  Buying a home can be stressful but having an experienced and professional realtor like Stacie makes it a lot easier!  

- Leah and Ray Williams

~Still in the Fast Lane~ Racing off the Bucket List!

The only thing better than personally being happy is watching someone you LOVE being filled with Crazy Exciting Joy! I witnessed this recently when my Mama rode in a race car. She is not a racing fan but a fan of Speed. I've been warned about sharing any stories about her love to drive fast so you will just have to use your imagination or ask her yourself. Traveling at 170 mph during the ride and wanting to go faster was the theme of the day at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

I'm constantly amazed by Mama's resilience, spunk, sense of adventure and just being plain out Rockin! Thanks for inspiring me to Always Go For It and to never live with Regret. 

Stay tuned for the next adventure...