Flying off the Bucket List?

What is better than checking off your Bucket List? Well, I think it is helping someone check off a dream on their own Bucket List. I recently had the opportunity to watch my Mama experience a life long dream of flying a plane. All of my life I have heard my Mom mention that she wish she could fly a plane. Now her dream was to fly a F-14 and I'm not exactly sure when or where this desire started. My Mom has always liked speed and we have laughed through the years about her knowing most state patrol officers by name. As you know,  life is about compromise and I was not able to swing a F-14 without taking her to Russia and paying around $25K for an adventure.  Do I think she was disappointed? NO! NOT AT ALL! When we were driving to the airport she said she was excited and anxious. I on the other hand was nervous and said a prayer while watching her from the ground. Mama's excitement was contagious and she continues to talk about the experience. She seemed to be equally impressed with her instructor from Burlington Aviation.

I'm still not sure who got the most pleasure from this adventure but I do know where I get my courage, perseverance, sense of adventure, creativity, work ethic, passion and determination from and I give all that credit to my Mama. I also know that you are never to young or old to make dreams come true! So always BELIEVE!


The holidays are always a time to share love, good memories and good food! The smell of pecans cooking is something that everyone should experience. I remember my Mom toasting nuts in butter for pies, dips, dressing and main dishes. I can smell them now just thinking about it.

Today, I just learned a helpful tip to prevent odors when cooking Collards, Turnips and Mustard (I actually like the scent but many complain). Place a pecan in the pot to absorb the odor and then discard the nut before serving. I was so excited to hear this little tip that I had to share it.

I hope your Thanksgiving will be full of whatever you need! I'm thankful for you being in my life and supporting my efforts to blog about things that I'm passionate about all year long. 


Jamaica Me Happy!

This was my favorite spot to read and I did indulge in a massage here.
This was my view for the last week in Jamaica. I'm very blessed to have friends that make things happen in my life and see when I need a break. Trust me... I gave every excuse possible as to why I could not and should not go on this trip. It has been over 3+ years since I have taken a vacation. I've learned so much about myself, friendship, business and the Jamaican culture during my stay. I will be blogging a series of my reflections and I hope you will join me on this journey.

When I woke up in Durham this morning this is the1st thing I heard and it made me smile. I'm going to try really hard to slow down, savor every moment and be present. Don't worry,  I didn't smoke any Ganja or start praying to Bob Marley but I was reminded of spiritual peace while having a technology detox. I encourage everyone to take time for themselves whether you think you deserve it or not. I promise you will feel better and have more to offer others.