Jamaica Me Happy!

This was my favorite spot to read and I did indulge in a massage here.
This was my view for the last week in Jamaica. I'm very blessed to have friends that make things happen in my life and see when I need a break. Trust me... I gave every excuse possible as to why I could not and should not go on this trip. It has been over 3+ years since I have taken a vacation. I've learned so much about myself, friendship, business and the Jamaican culture during my stay. I will be blogging a series of my reflections and I hope you will join me on this journey.

When I woke up in Durham this morning this is the1st thing I heard and it made me smile. I'm going to try really hard to slow down, savor every moment and be present. Don't worry,  I didn't smoke any Ganja or start praying to Bob Marley but I was reminded of spiritual peace while having a technology detox. I encourage everyone to take time for themselves whether you think you deserve it or not. I promise you will feel better and have more to offer others.

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