Are you able to help with my Birthday Wish?

Today,  I'm 49 years old and feel Super Blessed! Through the years, my birthday has always been a special celebration for me. I love celebrating other peoples Birthdays just as much as mine. I'm that awkward person that joins in singing Happy Birthday at restaurants and claps when strangers are celebrating Birthdays. I have been known to hug them too. 

When I reflect on childhood Birthday parties, I get nostalgic and warm fuzzies thinking about them. I had a Barbee Doll themed party with a doll shaped cake, a joint Skating Party with a childhood friend and many Pool Parties as a child. My Mama always worked hard to make the occasion fun. Honestly, I thought the 4th of July celebrations were also for me until my brother busted my bubble.

I use to celebrate the entire month because why not? We should celebrate life as often as possible. When I turned 40, I bought myself a gift once a month and had a meal with a different loved one, part of my tribe or family once a month. It was a phenomenal experience! 

Are you willing to help me celebrate this year? I need your help! I will be turning 50 next year, and my wish is to Volunteer my time and resources to 50 organizations before December 31, 2020. I can't do this alone because it would take a crazy amount of time to organize such a goal. There are 52 weeks in a year, and that is why my target to complete this goal is the end of 2020. I already have some commitments on the calendar and would love to hear what organizations, churches, and non-profits that you're passionate about and how I may contribute. So don't hesitate to reach out because this is my wish and you can help make it happen.