Movie Madness 2013...

I absolutely LOVE going to the movies and it's a family and friends tradition to view as many movies as possible between Thanksgiving and the New Year. So I thought it was appropriate to share our reviews with you. Take a look and we hope to see you in the movies...

Last Vegas I actually saw this film twice because I went to the free screening too. This movie was just a blast to watch! More than just comedy this is a great story about family, friendship and loyalty. 

The Best Man Holiday - This was a funny, then heartwarming, then hilarious and then brought tears to my eyes. Good Stuff!

The Book Thief- This is an Award Winning movie! We fell in love with Sophie NĂ©lisse the main character. This is an emotional, sweet, passionate story that is filled with hope during the horrors of World War II, Germany. 

Dallas Buyers Club- This was a fantastic performance by Matthew McConaughey (not in his usual pretty boy state). Jarred Leto was phenomenal too. This was based on a true story and it was Raw, Rough, Edgy and Real. 

Philomena- What a pleasant surprise! We had never seen a trailer or heard about this movie and it was great! This was a gentle, fascinating, funny, heartbreaking and unforgettable film. This film brought the most discussion afterwards of how we handle forgiveness.

Frozen- Thank you Disney! I loved that that not every Princess needs a Prince. Visually Perfect! I borrowed a sassy little kid for this movie and we both enjoyed it. 

American Hustle- Fantastic Cast but sloooow at times. Meh! We were a little disappointed by the story but Loved the Fashion!

Black Nativity- (Musical) There were only a few people at this show and it got poor ratings but we enjoyed it. The story and cast were good. Sweet Film!

The Wolf of Wall Street- This is an insane true story! This was a film about bad people doing bad things and cheating other while doing so. I may need to seek therapy after viewing this film and I'm not sure if it was because of the film or the fact that I witnessed it with my Mom. Powerful performance by Leonardo DiCaprio but it was painful 3 hours of Glorifying Sex, Drugs, Cursing...Sex, Drugs, Cursing... Sex, Drugs, Cursing... all while being perverted with money and greed. This movie should have been Rated "NC-17" or "R" because it was intense. Whew!

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire- I'm not a Hunger Games follower but enjoyed this movie much more than the first one. 
The cinematography was beautiful, the Story and Characters were
strong! I loved the Costumes and want a butterfly dress and matching eyelashes now.  

Saving Mr. Banks- Delightful and Sweet! This film was well done and full of an unexpected darker storyline. The Cast was excellent and it's a must see movie whether you're a Mary Poppins fan or not. 

Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas- Get Ready to LAUGH! It is hard to believe that Tyler Perry is still bringing us Madea but the movies never disappoint. It's not Oscar worthy but if you need a few hours of entertainment and laughter go for it.

Grudge Match- I had the opportunity to view the screening of this film before it was released. I didn't have much expectation and I'm not a Stallone fan but it was fun, lighthearted and had a nice story. Better-Than-Expected-Comedy. We went in with hope and were entertained. 

Spinning Plates- (Documentary) I missed this film at Full Frame but heard rave reviews so I was excited to finally see it. I was Blown Away and left the theater feeling like a better person by just watching the film. It is not just about food and restaurants. The story unfolds on many layers and is compelling and passionate. 

Please share what you have seen and would suggest! 

Top 6 Legal Tips of 2013

Top 6 Legal Tips of 2013

From elder care to social networking and starting a small business, we provided legal tips on a wide range of topics in 2013. These 6 tips include some of our most popular and helpful articles of the year. If you have questions about these or any other legal matters contact your LegalShield provider law firm today.
  1. Rules of Debt Collection: The laws on debt collection limit the methods that collection agents can use. Our article from February 2013 explains those limits and your rights as a consumer. Read the full article here.
  2. Power of Attorney (POA): A POA is a powerful legal instrument allowing someone you appoint to act on your behalf on medical, legal and business matters. Learn more about POAs from our January 2013 article The 11 Things You MUST Know About a Power of Attorney.
  3. Long-term Elder Care Planning: There are many issues to consider and decisions to make about elder care. Making decisions before the onset of a health crisis is vital. Read our 7 CRITICAL Elder Care Legal Tips to learn more.
  4. Protect Your Mobile Device and Data: Mobile phones, tablets and laptops contain a great deal of personal data and are expensive to replace. Our September 2013 article 6 Ways to Protect Your Mobile Device from Theft, offers excellent tips for minimizing risk and protecting your data. Read the full article here.
  5. Social Networking Safety: Legal issues of client confidentiality and anonymity as well as criminal and civil liability can all come into play when social networking. It is important that you know the dangers of social networking and limit your personal legal risk. Read our full article from August 2013 for more information.
  6. Starting a Small Business: Knowing what to expect and having an attorney on your side can make all the difference when starting your new business. From business plans, insurance, permits, licenses and intellectual property law, the considerations are numerous and often confusing. Your LegalShield provider law firm is ready to help. Read our article 7 Legal Tips for Starting a Business for more details.

This information was provided by Legal Shield.

How is the Real Estate Market this time if year?

How's the market? Take a look at this video update provided by The Triangle Multiple Listing Service.

Do you need help with your credit?

I just had the pleasure of spending some time getting to know Allison Fletcher. She is a Credit Counselor and has been working in the industry for years. She comes highly recommended from colleagues so I wanted to share her contact information with you. I love hearing the success stories that she shares and it is inspiring to know that she is providing hope to folks that need help improving their finances. Do you need help or know someone that does? Pass it on...

Allison Fletcher- (919)641-0925