More than a Coffee...

Have you been to 321 Coffee in Durham yet? I walked in just before closing last week and was greeted with a smile and good coffee. The Downtown Durham location is exploding with new construction and activity. Parking was easy in the garage (small fee). I loved all the natural light pouring in and the clean, modern decor. However, my favorite part of the experience was the people. The shop is staffed by individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who have a lot of love to give. I love this concept and look forward to going again! The sandwiches and sweet treats are from Ninth Street Bakery, a local favorite.

Exploring Durham! Where should I go next?

I've decided to start exploring Durham and The Triangle Area! Do you ever feel like you're in a rut and do the same thing every day? I do! I used to pride myself on knowing what was going on in Durham with new businesses, restaurants, museums, parks, historic sites, activities, and communities. Many of us feel that way since we've been isolated for the last few years. I keep asking everyone I talk to what they do for fun, and guess what? I'm not alone. We're caught up in daily life and need to plan time for fun. This is a public service announcement - IT'S OK TO HAVE SOME FUN! Have we learned anything from the last few years? I'm ready to get back out there and explore. Do you want to join me? Do you have any suggestions? Where should I go next? Will you invite me? I want this to be an interactive experience for us all. Share a place or event that you're looking forward to. 
Let's have some fun! 

These are pictures of a recent Tuesday Night adventure to Aperitif, a dessert wine bar in Durham. I laughed about being out at night even though I was home by 9PM. Hey, it's a start! They are known for their extensive wine list, unique cocktails, small tasty bites, and relaxing atmosphere! There is plenty of parking, and it's a great place to watch the sunset, spend time with friends, or on a date night. Our waitress was great and provided excellent recommendations and service. I look forward to going back and enjoying the outdoor seating. 
This place is a gem! Have you been?