Celebrating working by referral!


I received this recognition in the mail a few days ago and have reflected on its meaning. When I started in Real Estate 17 years ago, I had no idea what the adventure would be. I was a burned-out social worker that needed a change. I have always loved working with people, looking at homes, architecture, and decorating. When I visited Durham in 2005, I didn't want to go home. I LOVED it and still do. I took a leap of faith by changing careers and moving to another state. Did I mention I didn't know anyone in NC or how to sell Real Estate? That didn't stop me!

The behind-the-scenes in our industry is that it can be isolating. It can be challenging if you are used to synergizing with others because of a scarcity mentality. I was introduced to other Real Estate Coaching companies early on and immediately felt panic at their suggested business approach. I was confident I needed help to grow and knew I would only excel at methods that resonated with me. I also wanted to avoid meeting strangers in empty homes, so I needed to figure something out quickly. 

In 2006 I was introduced to Brian Buffini through video and CDs. His approach was Working By Referral. He is a gifted Real Estate Coach who worked as a successful Realtor for years and now owns the largest Real Estate Coaching company, Buffini and Company. He shared a 5 Circle Approach to Life with an Irish accent (I'm sure that drew me in), including Spirituality, Family, Business, Finances, and Personal. I was all in! This made sense to me and gave me hope. 

Ten years ago, I took another leap of faith and signed up for Coaching. I'm a student for life, and anything I can do to help myself and others is still exciting. The best part of this long-term business commitment is the relationships along the way. Attending the events feels like a family reunion, even when meeting new people. I've met Real Estate Agents throughout the country that are now part of my network. It is a blessing to be around like-minded people that take time away from life to improve themselves, be authentic and vulnerable, and strive to compete with themselves instead of others. The general belief is there is an abundance of business opportunities available to us all, and we all have different goals and want different things. 

I'm so grateful to work 100% by referrals and appreciate your continued support of me and my business. There is no greater honor than for me to serve you, your family, friends, and colleagues. If you or someone you know can benefit from my services or need a referral in the US or Canada, contact me at (919) 475-9460. I'm here to help and appreciate the opportunity.