Who Moves North?

Who moves north? Well the answer to that question is me. I moved to Durham, NC in 2005 from a small town in Georgia. I’m proud to say I’m a Georgia Peach but just as proud to say my home is now in Durham! I love Durham! The Triangle area is considered a melting pot and most of us are transplants from other states.
It is always funny when locals (yes there are still a few) try to figure out what part of NC my accent could be from. I hear a variety of questions.” Are you from the Eastern or Western part?” “I’m having trouble with your accent.” I just usually tell them that I’m from New York and then start laughing before coming clean.  Speaking of Northerners (some of my favorite peeps) at first impression they usually either think my accent is charming or that I'm simple. Honestly I prefer to keep it that way. What fun is life without a little mystery? I have had a few clients say that I confused them by my ability to be sweet and brutally honest at the same time. They are caught off guard with my calm but direct negotiating and problem solving skills. I enjoy sharing my love and knowledge of the area with others and guesstimate that 80% of my current business is from people relocating from the North. So is it my southern charm, knowledge of the area and market or my customer service that keeps my clients happy? Call me and find out for yourself!