Checking in + Care Act Info

I hope this message finds you doing well! If you have specific Real Estate needs, please contact me directly at (919)475-9460. We are fortunate that our market will hold up strong during this time.
Please watch this video
I feel a strong need to reach out to you and have been making calls daily. We are all facing new challenges and I wanted to offer some hope and clarify some misconceptions about the Cares Act. Please don't feel ashamed if you need assistance at this time. The information is difficult to go through. This link will provide some highlights of valuable knowledge and needs that people are facing. Please share it with others.
If you are not able to pay your mortgage or rent due to circumstances of unemployment from COVID 19, contact them directly to discuss your needs and be sure you understand what your mortgage vendor is offering. I genuinely believe that you need to be proactive in your efforts. Forbearance is not forgiveness. If you don't understand the options, contact your accountant or legal advisor. Call me if you need a referral for those services.
Your Friend in Real Estate
~Stacie Dye

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