Not Cancelled ... Postponed

Pictures from my walk yesterday afternoon.

This week has been hard for many of us, including me. I've felt overwhelmed by reading the cancellations of events, classes, work, social gatherings, travel, business closings, weddings, graduations, and the list goes on. We've been doing our part in social distancing and self-isolation while being concerned for family and friends that are at high risk. Concerned for people that I care deeply for that are in the medical field and that are our front line defenders. Everyone is consumed with current data, death rates, newly confirmed cases, testing, politics, media, and toilet paper.  

As I started to reflect on the disappointments that we're all experiencing, I was reminded that Joy isn't canceled, neither is Hope. I also shifted my perspective from canceled to postponed. That feels SO much better! This is our season for now, and the sooner we all participate in the recommended guidelines, the quicker we will get to a new normal. 

I've been working on my mindset more diligently than ever because I can only control my efforts and attitude. My attitude took a dark hit this week and I experienced several days of negativity before getting back on track. So I thought others may benefit from tools I've used to mind shift. 

Our church had a series titled Anxious for Nothing recently and will be diving deeper into that in the next weeks with online services. I'm looking forward to it and encourage you to listen no matter what your beliefs are. I church hopped for years before joining newhope church. Dr. Benji Kelley, Senior Pastor has a gift to share God's word that grabs your attention makes you want to learn and discuss it more. All with a good sense of humor. 

Mel Robbins, talk show host and author of many books including The 5 Second Rule is hosting a Facebook live check-in Group called Stay Connected with Mel Robbins at noon daily with raw honesty and wonderful tips. I was fortunate to see her live at an event in the past. 

Are you concerned about the health of our economy or the real estate market? I'm a huge fan of Brian Buffini Podcast and have been utilizing his systems and coaching for years. This is an awesome podcast with Dr. Laurence Yun. I suggest subscribing because he provides a wealth of knowledge on a weekly basis with an Irish accent, great humor, and a passionate spirit. 

Please do your part in social distancing. You can still experience Joy and Hope! We're in this together! Call and check on folks, offer to help physically, financially, or emotionally if you can. I believe that we will come out stronger and more united than ever. Look for the Joy! Since we have been slowed down, I find it more often. I don't think that is a coincidence. Please join us on our Your Connection Realty Facebook page and share your joy and helpful tips to encourage a positive mindset. 

These are some pictures of the Joy I found in nature yesterday. 

~ Stacie Dye (919)475-9460