Panty Raid...

Wikipedia: Panty raids were the first college craze after World War II, following the 1930s crazes of goldfish swallowing or seeing how many could fit in a phone booth.

Now that I have your attention...stay with me. I recently visited Urban Durham Ministries  and was able to leave some Go Gives Back money and coats that were collected. Did you know that Go Realty gave $37,400.00+ to charities in The Triangle during 2012? Curious of how that works? Read my previous blog Go Realty+Agents=Happy Community and support me as an agent.

During my visit I asked what Urban Ministries needed and was told women's underwear. So once again I'm asking for your support on their behalf. Call me and I will pick up you donations and deliver them for you. No excuses and in this case gently used is not acceptable. 

I LOVE Durham!

Welcome to Go Durham's New Space!

I LOVE Durham! If we have met or if you follow this blog you probably already know this but I can't imagine living anywhere else. Take a look at the link below on how Downtown Durham Grew in 2012! We know that there were other Spectacular things that happened in 2012 because our new office didn't make the list. We love Downtown but are proud to be located in Southwest Durham! We did make the TOP 10 Real Estate Companies List in Durham after only being opened a short time. How cool is that? Stay tuned because we are just getting started. Let me know if you want a piece of the action in 2013. I promise your experience will be memorable and the Focus will be on You!

Downtown Durham 2012 Year in Review!

Rise and shine!

There is a new breakfast place in Durham and it is awesome!  

Rise, just opened a month ago in the Renaissance Village shopping center beside the Super Target near South Point Mall.
Don't be daunted by the long line.  Just take a number and wait.  It is totally worth it!

They specialize in biscuits and donuts and even offer a gluten-free donut (it is fried in the same oil though).  The biscuits are just the right combo of fluffy, cheesy, and crispy.  Yum!  The combinations are perfect and even include pimento cheese.

The donuts are unique and decadent.  I tried the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, The Maple Bacon Roll, The Pineapple Glaze, and the Gluten-free Chocolate Pistachio.  My favorite was the Pineapple Glaze which is filled with basil whip cream and topped with pistachios and a light pineapple glaze, then the Maple Bacon Roll which was topped with a maple glaze and a large slice of bacon, yum!

I love that the place was packed and feels more suited for the downtown area.  But I am thankful that south Durham gets to experience the unique flavor of Rise.  

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Contributed by guest blogger, Danner C.