Panty Raid...

Wikipedia: Panty raids were the first college craze after World War II, following the 1930s crazes of goldfish swallowing or seeing how many could fit in a phone booth.

Now that I have your attention...stay with me. I recently visited Urban Durham Ministries  and was able to leave some Go Gives Back money and coats that were collected. Did you know that Go Realty gave $37,400.00+ to charities in The Triangle during 2012? Curious of how that works? Read my previous blog Go Realty+Agents=Happy Community and support me as an agent.

During my visit I asked what Urban Ministries needed and was told women's underwear. So once again I'm asking for your support on their behalf. Call me and I will pick up you donations and deliver them for you. No excuses and in this case gently used is not acceptable. 

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