Reunited and it feels so Good!


Reunited, and it feels so good were the lyrics I started singing when Delta delivered my luggage to my home. This was a 1978 hit by Peaches and Herbs (google it), and I laughed when it came to mind. Isn't it amazing how our brains recall lyrics, events, quotes, and stories?

I just experienced one of the best real estate conferences in the past 18 years (Peak Experience with Brian Buffini -More to come). I thought about how my luggage was tied into the Customer Service we all hope to deliver in business. I had 6 flight delays and 1 flight cancellation. When I say that some people were huffy at the airport, that would be an understatement. It's annoying when things inconvenience us; however, my perspective was different. I was intrigued by the customer service I witnessed. Traveling is a privilege and can be challenging. Thank you, Delta, for not flying me home through tornados and hail. Thank you for keeping your employees and us safe. Thank you for keeping me informed throughout the process. Thank you for delivering my luggage on two separate trips as it arrived. Isn't that what we all want? I thanked the representative when I stood in line to ask about my flight options. He stopped, looked me dead in my eyes, and smiled with a big exhale. He said you're the first thank you of the day. He said I've been waiting for just one thank you because I usually get at least one. It was 10PM, and I don't know when his shift started. I heard the unreasonable criticism and harsh language he endured before me. I watched him be the ultimate professional, speaking calmly and with an assuring tone. He did a great job under high pressure. Come on, people! Good Customer service is not always the standard these days. It hurts me to say that, and I always want to give credit to those who honor it. It also encourages me to improve my business and services. 

I lost the only jacket I packed at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. The locals told me to wear layers, and I did. They said if you don't like the weather, it will change in 15 minutes, and that seemed to be the case. That morning, it was cold; that afternoon, it was in the high 80s. I don't remember losing clothing before, but I got startled when my home alarm went off (tech issue) and left my jacket. I realized it several hours later and reported it to the hotel. I described it, and they said it was secure. They could not deliver it then, and it was secure, so I couldn't pick it up. They asked where I would be at 7PM. I told them I planned to attend a networking dinner and gave them the restaurant's name. The security officer of the hotel delivered my jacket before the appetizers arrived. Wow! The Broadmoor provided exceptional customer service then and throughout the conference. 

These situations and the conference have made me question how to enhance my company standards and customer service. What do you need as a Seller or Buyer that is beyond my current business plan? I want to know the best ways to provide exceptional service. 

Travel tips: Take a picture of your bags and luggage receipt stickers. Use multiple luggage tags. The Velcro name tag was the only one returning on this trip. This is a great gift for those who travel. Place your name and details inside your bag. Use Airtags and check the batteries. Text yourself and your loved ones the airline code and flight number. It's the fastest way to preview flight changes. For the love of God, clean your luggage (especially the wheels) before bringing it inside your home. I like to use alcohol and magic erasers. Be Kind, or Stay Home! 😊

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