Strength from a Stranger...Meet Virgina!

I recently had the opportunity to meet a phenomenal woman named Virgina Brown that touch my life within just a few minutes. It was almost like I was sent to her restaurant, Black Jack's Pub and Grill in Jefferson, NC to meet and hear her message. Now don't get the wrong idea...Yes, I was at a pub but no alcohol was involved so this really happened. During our interaction we discussed owning a small business, taxes, food services, families, politics, poverty, children and believing in dreams. I really think we could have resolved world peace if time permitted.

Thank you Virgina! I feel like a better person from just meeting you. I'm so glad you placed your hand on my shoulder when I was taking this picture of the letter that was on each table. Your food warmed our bodies and you warmed my spirit.

This was a powerful reminder of how words can stop you dead in your tracks and a hug can melt deep into your soul. You raised the bar, my friend.


  1. I love stories of people giving back and paying it forward. We could all learn a lot from Virginia.