This is "WHY" I do what I do!

In 2009 my family and I moved from Jacksonville Florida to the Raleigh area to plant a church 

and to attend a graduate program at Duke University. Like many families that move to a new 

area, we knew nothing of our surroundings nor did we have any connections or ties to this city. 

Magnifying this blindness was our need to find adequate housing for our family in a location that 

would provide the kind of environment that is conducive for raising a family. This is when we 

had the privilege of meeting our wonderful friend StacieDye.

The first time we met Stacie she warmly welcomed us to the area...with a long list of potential 

homes. She answered our many questions with EXTREME patience, laughed at our daughters 

endless jokes and never batted an eye whenever we asked her to show us "just one more 


We didn't find our home that day... or that year. We knew exactly what we wanted and Stacie 

stuck with us for FOUR years while we hunted. There were days when the houses we looked 

at were over an hour apart...and still she drove. There were days when I couldn't join my wife in 

looking at a home and Stacie would walk in first, Mace in hand, ready to protect! 

There have been graduation parties, church functions and family lunches spent with Stacie 

over the past four years...and as the years went by our relationship with Stacie changed from 

a realtor/client relationship to a friendship. Stacie has integrity, steadfastness, honesty and 

kindness. She is loyal, trustworthy and, well, simply amazing at her job!

We moved into our new home in the beginning of October. It is everything we looked for...and 


After we signed the papers, took the pictures and moved in...Stacie topped this experience with 

an incredible gesture. She threw us a house warming party and invited our friends and new 

neighbors. Imagine that!!!!!!

 I can't imagine there being a better realtor in the Triangle Area. Anyone I know looking for a 

home I send Stacie's way. Why wouldn't you have this woman on your side???

Shane Comellas

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