Have you experienced Movie Theater Rage?

It is no secret that I love going to the movies! I enjoy seeing almost everything except for Horror Films. I have loved attending movies since being a child. I remember my Mom would take us to the Sunday Matinee. This was a treat because we didn't have a theater in our home town so we traveled about 45 minutes to the closest theater. 

When I think of movies today I love walking in, picking out the perfect seat, watching the previews and totally escaping from the real world for a few hours. This is a time for me to totally relax and not think of anything except the film. It doesn't bother me to go alone I can enjoy just being captured by the moment.

So I wonder what has happened to movie etiquette. I have recently been stunned of how people talk out loud, talk on their cell phones, text and have screaming children at the theater. If you need to take a call or text that is that important maybe you should skip the movie and you are not sitting in your living room so please be quiet! I didn't pay $10+ to hear your conversation. This drives me nuts and has started making me strategize for the time of day and the theater I attend. I'm usually reserved and can tune some things out but I have been experiencing rage the last couple of weeks and asking people to politely be quiet. I shushed a couple of ladies recently and one responded "I don't like to be shushed" and I responded, "I don't like to have to shush anyone." Thankfully, they were a little quieter after this exchange.  I'm always concerned and cautious because if people don't find this behavior offensive I place them in the crazy category. This is so annoying! People get a grip or stay home! 

Take a look a this recent clip I saw. Guess I'm not alone! CBS News A Plea for "Silent" Movies

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