Home Improvement Myths Busted!

This is NOT what a Buyer wants to see!

Home Improvement Myths….Improvements always add value…NOT ALWAYS!

As Homeowners, we are always trying to make improvements, but the question is, are the improvements you are making or planning to make going to bring MORE VALUE to your home?

1.  Painting - this is a quickest way to transform a room and add value to your home…if you choose the right colors!  Why is color so important?  If you are planning to stay in your home for several years, then the purple dining room is fine, but if you are planning to sell, this could be a COSTLY MISTAKE.  Most Buyers are visual, therefore, if they see bold colors throughout a home, they will walk in and turn around and walk out..you're kidding right...NO…they see it has $$$$ coming out of their pockets to repaint.

2.  Adding Square Footage - this is a tricky question, but the first thing you must do is contact your local planning/zoning department to see if it permissible on your lot and if it is permissible and you decide that adding is the way you want to go TAKE OUT A PERMIT.  If you add square footage without a permit, you open the door to NUMEROUS PROBLEMS (see previous blog on permitting)!  The same scenario is true if you are finishing off existing unfinished areas of your home.  BIG MISTAKE is converting a garage into finished space, it is typically viewed as a negative.

3.  Do It Yourself Improvements - for some Homeowners it would be simple to install a new light fixture, change out a dishwasher...etc, but for others who have no experience, trying these things can cost you more in the long run and be dangerous.  The best advice is to hire licensed professionals to do the job.

4.  Buying the Highest Quality Materials is ALWAYS Best - if you are considering Stainless Steel Appliances, Granite Counters, Replacement Windows, etc....these are typically good purchases.....if it is the norm for the neighborhood, if not, then you could be wasting your money!

5.  In-ground Swimming Pools ALWAYS add value - only if you live in Florida or California, not  here in North Carolina, it is considered a negative.

TO AVOID COSTLY MISTAKES - whether you are updating your home or thinking selling, give us a call, WE ARE  HERE TO HELP.  We are Real Estate Brokers and Kay is also a licensed Real Estate Appraiser, so WE KNOW VALUES!

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