The Triangle Express...Field Trip?

My Business Partner, Stacie Dye and I took our first tour of the Triangle Express today, of course with the outside temperatures, it felt like the Polar Express!  The 3.4 + mile ride was smooth, but it was quite disturbing that we were the only car on the road at 10 am on a work day!  The cost is .21 cents per mile (without the pass) and based upon the lack of traffic, I was quite surprised! On the other hand, the project is not complete, but once it is, it will be to be quite a time saver.  We are thankful that the project came $40 million under budget, but will this time saver cost the taxpayers much more than projected?  In our current economy, Consumers are counting their pennies and it appears that they are keeping those pennies it in their pockets not on the Toll Road? What are your thoughts on this?

For more info: Triangle Express

~Kay Herring-Stephenson

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