Go Realty + Urban Ministries Durham = Happy Community!

Faye Morin, Volunteer Coordinator checking out our Culture Book.
Our little reminder:)

Yeah a Check!

I love working at Go Realty for many reasons but I will just share one for now. As a strong believer in giving back, a portion of all of my commission is donated to the "Go Gives Back" program. Go puts their money where their mouth is by matching it. It feels good to work at a company that encourages us to volunteer and give back to our community and charity of choice.

My charity is Urban Ministries of Durham. Urban Ministries provides food, clothing, shelter, and supportive services for our neighbors in need.  I started volunteering there sporadically a few years ago and it is life changing not only for the people in need but for the volunteers. I encourage you to check out the website at Urban Ministries Durham and get involved. I promise you it is a worthwhile and rewarding experience.

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