To Pre-Inspect or Not To Pre-Inspect?

To Pre-Inspect, or Not To Pre-Inspect?
I think it is better for Sellers to have their home pre-inspected prior to listing. While it will not secure every potential "deal-breaker" issue, most agree on the benefits of a pre-inspection. I am often asked this question by Sellers, and the conversation usually goes like this: 

Stacie: Having a pre- inspection allows the Seller to be informed of any issues upfront, and allows time for corrections to be made before the buyer views the home.  Sharing a pre-listing inspection report with a potential Buyer is a powerful marketing advantage!

Seller: I don't want to pay for an inspection.

Stacie: I can recommend a Home Inspector that requires NO PAYMENT until your house sells (or if it is taken off the market). In other words, it costs you nothing until closing day.

Seller: Why would I want to do this when the Buyer will still have the home inspected?

Stacie: Peace of Mind! You will know of if there are major issues, and have time to get estimates for repairs. Who wants to be surprised? If you were buying a home wouldn't you feel more comfortable knowing that the property was pre-inspected? 

Seller: What if the Buyers Inspector finds something wrong?

Stacie: The inspector is always going to find something wrong. No major problems should be found by the second inspection. It's in a seller's best interest to have the home as ready as possible before the inspection. It can cost more to address a problem later, you may lose the buyer or end up lowering the sale price. Fix it now or deal with it later. You can also price it reflecting the work that needs to be completed. However, keep in mind that certain types of financing require the home to be in specific condition, and that the Appraisal could become an issue.

Seller: What if the Pre-Inspection uncovers something major that I don't want to tell the Buyer?

Stacie: Any defect that is detrimental enough to kill a real estate transaction is likely going to be uncovered eventually anyway.  It is best to discover the problem ahead of time and make repairs and disclosures as needed.

When a buyer tours a home that they are considering purchasing, they can be presented with the inspection report. The seller can then show what, if anything, has already been taken care of.  This can be very comforting to a buyer and help them make a decision when comparing homes.

I usually suggest pre-listing inspections to my sellers.  Many have chosen not to do them but I think it helps in a competitive market to be above the standard, not to mention, it may help them sell their homes faster!  What are your thoughts?


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