Girls ROCK NC!

I recently had the pleasure of volunteering at a Girls Rock NC event in Durham. I was not aware of the program until a few days before the "Rockin" finale at Motorco. A friend contacted me and told me a little about the program and said they needed volunteers to help the girls with makeup and hair before they performed. It sounded like a good enough cause so I agreed to help. WOW, was I in for a treat. Have you ever walked into a room or been surrounded by people that just gave off a powerful vibe? I was overcome by the contagious energy and high spirits. The girls ROCKED the house with their incredible songs, music, confidence and style. They cheered positive affirmations and brought tears to my eyes. I stood their like a proud parent and a Proud Female! I was so touched by the event and will definitely be involved with Girls Rock NC in the future. The following is a small clip of one of the 10 different performances.

Girls Rock NC is a nonprofit organization that runs programs that encourage girls to be confident, creative members of their communities. Girls make bands, have workshops in teamwork, body confidence, zine-making, DIY clothing, recording, Tech Talk, songwriting and more, and are supported as they speak up and share their experiences as girls. We’re part of the international Girls Rock Camp Alliance, helping each other stay true to our mission–empowering girls! Close to 1,500 girls around the globe will have the rock camp experience in 2011–and we also have a women’s ‘Rock Camp’ to raise money so more girls can attend camp through scholarship funds.


We want girls to be creatively supported, and we’re here to help mentor them as they become confident, expressive young women. This is a true feminist movement that you can be a part of! Join us for all of our upcoming events, or contact us to volunteer or donate. Girls Rock NC

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