Reflections from my last 96 hours...

This morning I woke up completely inspired and full of gratitude by the last 96 hours of my life. If we have met,  you probably already know that I'm passionate about many things and life, my relationships, spirituality, health, working hard as a Realtor and my love for Durham top the long list.

In the past 4 days, I was privileged to volunteer at The Full Frame Documentary Festival, meet other amazing volunteers that are film lovers, had conversations with Film Makers from around the world, participated in discussions on the variety of topics, viewed 6 mind provoking films and juggled my business during Spring Market.

To say I had a Blast would be an understatement. I was totally consumed by the range of emotions that I experienced. I was elated by joy and overwhelmed the raw truth at other times. The conversations were heart felt and I honestly believe that I experienced personal growth while being immersed with strangers that share a common interest. 

This experience was a much needed reminder that I need to refocus myself. That relationships and new opportunities add so much value to my life. I also realized that the clients I want to work with will respect my time and be flexible around my commitments.


  1. Love that your passion is so evident and that you learned that it will fit in with your hectic work schedule. Very inspiring for all of us that try and juggle our personal and work lives!

    1. Thank you Carolina Charm! I appreciate you comment. There were many lessons learned this weekend and I know this one will impact me the most.