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I turned 56 on July 22, and since I was born in 1956, I wanted to do something special, as an artist, and cancer survivorship advocate, with this 56/56 birthday.   For the 56 days before my birthday, I painted or drew a small heart, one each day, and dedicated each one to an attribute, person, or organization that inspired me.   I posted each one, along with a short essay, on my Beth Palmer Studio Facebook page.

I knew I wanted to exhibit all 56 hearts on my birthday, as as the time grew closer, I found the perfect venue- the Hillandale Golf Course.   I had already talked with the manager about doing something with my art to benefit their own program, H.E.A.R.T.S., which gives free golf course access to pediatric bone marrow patients and their families, so they can have a break from the hospital, and some fresh air and exercise.   I decided to exhibit all the hearts there one Sunday afternoon, as a combination birthday party, art exhibit, and benefit for H.E.A.R.T.S. 
It was a beautiful afternoon!    

I'm also hoping to fund a traveling exhibit of selections of the hearts, to Ohio where I grew up, and to Tennessee where my family roots are.  As a member of the international Society for the Arts in Healthcare, I want to show my art at hospitals and other medical settings.   As the final stop, I'm invited to do a special month-long show in LA at the University of California's Keck Medical School Institute of Genetic Medicine. as a Society for the Arts in Healthcare artist.     This is indeed quite the honor, and I'm very happy and proud to represent NC and the City of Medicine at the beautiful event.    

To fund my art materials cost, and travel and shipping costs, I'm using a Kickstarter campaign, which is a commonly used method artists use to raise money for projects like these.   Backers make pledges, and will also receive a thank you gift of art for any pledge $50 or more, of approximately the value of the pledge, so it's win/win.   To make it more interesting, the way Kickstarter works, if the entire goal is not met, the project isn't funded.   As of now, it is 60% funded, with $1000 still needed.   This project was designed to not only revisit places from my past in my healing after cancer, but to make some much needed business connections to produce income after not being able to teach any more due to some side effects from my cancer treatment.   It would be such a gift to have my community rally around me, and not only meet the goal, but exceed it.  My life as an artist, and as a human being, is devoted to helping others, which gives me much joy, and this time, I need just a bit of support myself.   I hope you enjoy the video, and I hope you will be moved to back this project.

You can read more about me as an artist on my website,

Here is the link to the Kickstarter campaign:



Thanks so much to Stacie Dye for her energy and her kindness.  She is a gem!
Beth Palmer 
Beth Palmer
Artpreneur...making art work for humankind    

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