Shout out to Mood Changers @ Earth Fare

I just wanted to give a shout out to the folks at Earth Fare (Brier Creek) for providing exceptional customer service! Have you ever had a day that just seemed a little off and people surrounding you changed your mood? That is what happened to me.

I experienced great  customer service at the cheese counter where they patiently helped me select cheese. I ended up with the 8 month raw Manchego. Yum!  Then the butcher called a competitor after I mentioned that I had an allergic reaction to their beef. He verified where Earth Fare's cattle and where the competitor's cattle are raised and how the beef is processed for comparison. Wow,  that was memorable and setting a high standard. BTW it was delicious:)

My day continued to get better at the register. I had the pleasure of meeting two wild and friendly kids that were ROCKIN some bright hair styles, positive attitude and inspiration. They made me smile! When I asked if I could take their picture they said of course and then struck a serious pose.

There are several reasons why I love working at Go of our company sayings is "Go Be Better." I loved the customer service that I received at Earth Fare and it was a pleasant reminder that we can learn from everyone how to go the extra mile and be memorable to our customers.

Check them out: Earth Fare

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