Music to My Ears!

I had the pleasure of seeing Chris Botti perform with the NC Symphony at Durham Performing Arts (DPAC) in Durham. I have always loved attending concerts and enjoy a variety of music. There is something magical about the range of emotions that can be experienced through music. The passion, dedication and love that the musicians, singers and performers demonstrated was very powerful and somewhat spiritually moving at times. The music swept me away and I felt moments of joy and then a strong sense of calmness and peace. It was a fantastic night filled with toe tapping jazz. Some of my favorites were “Hallelujah” and “Emmanuel.”I highly recommend that you attend one of his memorable concerts.

This got me thinking of when my love for music began…Was it the song and music that I learned to tie my shoe laces to? Learning to sing the alphabet? Practicing my multiplications to music for memory? Learning the planets or listening to School House Rock? I don’t remember because music has always been present in my life. When I was younger my friends and I could always talk my mom into taking us to concerts in the city (usually an hour or more away) because she loves music too. We wanted to see every performance possible. Honestly, I had never heard of some of the musicians until they were in driving distance and therefore had my attention. This was an interesting experience and always made for great stories. Our home was always filled with sounds of Rhythm and Blues, Country and Rock while preparing dinner, entertaining company or just passing time. One of my fondest childhood memories was that on Saturdays we would make homemade pizza (before we had a local pizza place) and dance while watching American Bandstand and Soul Train. I was fascinated by music and how it made me feel but never (yet) learned to play an instrument. I took ballet, tap, jazz and baton like most southern girls but refused to learn an instrument even though I was strongly encouraged.
Do you ever hear a song and place it with a memory? Every time I hear “Hot Stuff” by Donna Summer I think about how our parents looked shocked after we did a dance to it in first grade. Lol  Of course we were clueless about the lyrics it was all about the beat. Every time I hear “Crocodile Rock” by Elton John I look like I forgot were my flash mob was meeting and breakout into a solo performance that was embedded into my brain when I took dancing classes. In my teens I related music to freedom, fun, rebellion, love, disappointment or whatever I was experiencing at the time. How many of you associate a song with a past crush? Seriously, I don’t… I just thought I would mention it. Ha Ha! Music is real and can be used to lift your spirits, change your mood or wallow in your troubles so the decision is yours.
Not all of us have the talent to share the profound performance that I witnessed at Chris Botti’s concert. However we do have the opportunity to have the same passion and dedication in our own lives. I feel fortunate to be living a life full of gratitude in an area that I love and enjoying my business in real estate. I may not be able to carry a tune on an instrument yet but I do enjoy the rhythm of life and look forward to any opportunity to put some pep in my step.

“Music is an outburst of the soul.” ~Frederick Delius

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