Thank you notes...

These are a few of the Thank You notes that I have recently saved. You will see a variety of notes and pictures that children have colored. I actually keep them all and have decided to start taking pictures of them when I need to file some. Each note is an inspiration, a story, a family, or a friend that I have been honored to assist with their Real Estate needs. The notes are not expected and are not an obligation, so don't worry. They are merely a reminder of the privilege I have when being asked to help someone make the most significant financial decision they will ever make. I don't accept this position lightly and take referrals as the best compliment given.

The notes are from First Time Home Buyers that have started their dreams of owning their own home with anticipation of expanding their family. From families that were outgrowing their homes and needed more space and those that are downsizing.  From families that I've had the pleasure of assisting with selling and purchasing multiple homes. From families that have new needs of multigeneration homes to accommodate their children and aging parents. From first time sellers, seasoned sellers and from investors.

I'm fortunate that 100% of my business is by referral.  I don't advertise me (I'm on all the regular websites - I just don't pay to promote me). I focus on the clients needs to ensure they are making an informed decision with the least amount of stress possible. It's not about selling a home, it's about creating a relationship that sellers and buyers feel confident in. They also know that I'm available before, during and after the transaction. I don't make a living off of one home no matter the cost, I make a living by being a knowledgable Realtor that cares enough to be present throughout the process and shares the facts even when it doesn't feel good.

If you know someone that needs advise on selling or buying, please ask their permission for you to call me with their contact information, and I will work hard to earn their trust throughout the process.

~ Stacie Dye

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