Checking in + Care Act Info

I hope this message finds you doing well! If you have specific Real Estate needs, please contact me directly at (919)475-9460. We are fortunate that our market will hold up strong during this time.
Please watch this video
I feel a strong need to reach out to you and have been making calls daily. We are all facing new challenges and I wanted to offer some hope and clarify some misconceptions about the Cares Act. Please don't feel ashamed if you need assistance at this time. The information is difficult to go through. This link will provide some highlights of valuable knowledge and needs that people are facing. Please share it with others.
If you are not able to pay your mortgage or rent due to circumstances of unemployment from COVID 19, contact them directly to discuss your needs and be sure you understand what your mortgage vendor is offering. I genuinely believe that you need to be proactive in your efforts. Forbearance is not forgiveness. If you don't understand the options, contact your accountant or legal advisor. Call me if you need a referral for those services.
Your Friend in Real Estate
~Stacie Dye

Not Cancelled ... Postponed

Pictures from my walk yesterday afternoon.

This week has been hard for many of us, including me. I've felt overwhelmed by reading the cancellations of events, classes, work, social gatherings, travel, business closings, weddings, graduations, and the list goes on. We've been doing our part in social distancing and self-isolation while being concerned for family and friends that are at high risk. Concerned for people that I care deeply for that are in the medical field and that are our front line defenders. Everyone is consumed with current data, death rates, newly confirmed cases, testing, politics, media, and toilet paper.  

As I started to reflect on the disappointments that we're all experiencing, I was reminded that Joy isn't canceled, neither is Hope. I also shifted my perspective from canceled to postponed. That feels SO much better! This is our season for now, and the sooner we all participate in the recommended guidelines, the quicker we will get to a new normal. 

I've been working on my mindset more diligently than ever because I can only control my efforts and attitude. My attitude took a dark hit this week and I experienced several days of negativity before getting back on track. So I thought others may benefit from tools I've used to mind shift. 

Our church had a series titled Anxious for Nothing recently and will be diving deeper into that in the next weeks with online services. I'm looking forward to it and encourage you to listen no matter what your beliefs are. I church hopped for years before joining newhope church. Dr. Benji Kelley, Senior Pastor has a gift to share God's word that grabs your attention makes you want to learn and discuss it more. All with a good sense of humor. 

Mel Robbins, talk show host and author of many books including The 5 Second Rule is hosting a Facebook live check-in Group called Stay Connected with Mel Robbins at noon daily with raw honesty and wonderful tips. I was fortunate to see her live at an event in the past. 

Are you concerned about the health of our economy or the real estate market? I'm a huge fan of Brian Buffini Podcast and have been utilizing his systems and coaching for years. This is an awesome podcast with Dr. Laurence Yun. I suggest subscribing because he provides a wealth of knowledge on a weekly basis with an Irish accent, great humor, and a passionate spirit. 

Please do your part in social distancing. You can still experience Joy and Hope! We're in this together! Call and check on folks, offer to help physically, financially, or emotionally if you can. I believe that we will come out stronger and more united than ever. Look for the Joy! Since we have been slowed down, I find it more often. I don't think that is a coincidence. Please join us on our Your Connection Realty Facebook page and share your joy and helpful tips to encourage a positive mindset. 

These are some pictures of the Joy I found in nature yesterday. 

~ Stacie Dye (919)475-9460 

Leap Year 2020

Home values have made GREAT Leaps! Contact us to discuss the value of your "Pad" in today's market. It is a great time to sell and I will be glad to prepare a Market Analysis on your home. If you plan on staying it may be a great time to refinance and I have a list of wonderful Mortgage Brokers ready to assist you. 

Stacie Dye | Your Connection Realty | 919-475-9460

Parade of Homes!

The Parade of Homes is happening today! Have fun on a FREE Self Guided Tour! If you have any interest or questions about the homes, contact us for guidance. For more details take a look at the Triangle Parade of Homes link. 

How are you growing?

School is starting back, and many thoughts recently struck me. I was an average student in school, I didn't want to be there and rarely enjoyed it. I stayed under the radar and drifted through the process. I excelled in college because that was on my terms and interest. When I decided to go into Real Estate, I was surprised by the amount of class time it took to be able to take the licensing test. The surprises continued when I had an NC Real Estate Licence and didn't know how to help consumers sell or buy real estate. The class and licensing were based on rules, laws, guidelines which are needed skills but NOT enough. There is so much more to the process. I was fortunate to have some great mentors along the way, and now that support and challenge me to grow.  I also developed a passion for learning that helps keep me fired up!

During the year, I attend my required continuing education requirements plus more. I just returned from one of my favorite events, the Buffini and Company Mastermind. This event fuels my soul, and I highly recommend it! The focus is on Relationships, Business, Finances, Spirituality, and Health. I always have written goals in each area, and it's great to be surrounded by other like-minded people of all ages, from multiple businesses, different levels of achievements and income that share a hunger for growth.

With a lot of praying and faith that the best is yet to come, I have found people, books, blogs, podcast, classes, and life experiences that have gratefully impacted my life. Some life lessons have been heartbreaking, and others have been mind-opening. As a Christian, I understand that timing is not in my hands and that there are no coincidences. I read a devotional, pray, journal, limit my access to the news, fill my head with positive information, have accountability partners that I talk with every Monday at 8:00 AM, and a business coach call twice a month. I have goals that scare me and that I don't know how I will achieve them. I also know that you're either growing or dying, and I choose growth! What are you doing to grow?


Favorite Good Stuff: The Brian Buffini Show, Darren Daily12 Week YearYou Version Bible appDr. Fung IDM Program

Are you able to help with my Birthday Wish?

Today,  I'm 49 years old and feel Super Blessed! Through the years, my birthday has always been a special celebration for me. I love celebrating other peoples Birthdays just as much as mine. I'm that awkward person that joins in singing Happy Birthday at restaurants and claps when strangers are celebrating Birthdays. I have been known to hug them too. 

When I reflect on childhood Birthday parties, I get nostalgic and warm fuzzies thinking about them. I had a Barbee Doll themed party with a doll shaped cake, a joint Skating Party with a childhood friend and many Pool Parties as a child. My Mama always worked hard to make the occasion fun. Honestly, I thought the 4th of July celebrations were also for me until my brother busted my bubble.

I use to celebrate the entire month because why not? We should celebrate life as often as possible. When I turned 40, I bought myself a gift once a month and had a meal with a different loved one, part of my tribe or family once a month. It was a phenomenal experience! 

Are you willing to help me celebrate this year? I need your help! I will be turning 50 next year, and my wish is to Volunteer my time and resources to 50 organizations before December 31, 2020. I can't do this alone because it would take a crazy amount of time to organize such a goal. There are 52 weeks in a year, and that is why my target to complete this goal is the end of 2020. I already have some commitments on the calendar and would love to hear what organizations, churches, and non-profits that you're passionate about and how I may contribute. So don't hesitate to reach out because this is my wish and you can help make it happen. 


Unplugged for 14 Days! Take my Challenge...

I just returned from a 14 Day Vacation traveling from New England to Nova Scotia. I'm beyond grateful for this opportunity and couldn't have done it without a fantastic business partner that covered me, a team of excellent service providers that I trust and my clients encouraging me.  I'm blessed, surrounded by people that make me better, challenge me daily by reminding me of self-care and travel that fills my sweet soul. 

The truth is I packed the morning we left; I was exhausted from checking and triple checking all of my notes on current business, future business + all of the details that are involved in everyday life. The night before leaving, I slept maybe 2.5 hours, not due to excitement but still checking off list after list. I was determined to turn off all technology notifications at 8:00 AM until I returned, and I did it! Well, I did use my phone to find a good Lobster Restaurant in Maine, for taking pictures, and that doesn't count. I thought it would be harder to unplug than it was, and believe that since I diligently prepared, it felt GOOD. 

Have you ever really unplugged from technology? Our brains need the rest! We are not made to stay as connected as we are to phones, text, emails, computers, audible books, podcast, social media, TV, The News, etc. How many times a day do you search online or ask Siri or Alexa a question? I often say, "I'll Google it," in conversations. Technology is an excellent resource,  it's convenient, and I'm a huge fan. 

I challenge you to write down the number of times you respond or use any form of technology for one day. The challenge may sound overwhelming for some. Do you feel like technology is addictive? Trust me, I felt like a slave to technology before my escape. I survived and felt like I was handed a gift equally as good as my vacation.  Since returning, I'm more consciously aware of tracking my connected time.  Ask me how I'm doing when you see me. Take my challenge and update me on if your goal is to unplug for a few hours, days, or weeks. What is the worse that could happen? You may improve your relationships, memory, sleep, health, attitude, and increase your work performance afterward.  

The search was worth it! Yum!