Parade of Homes!

The Parade of Homes is happening today! Have fun on a FREE Self Guided Tour! If you have any interest or questions about the homes, contact us for guidance. For more details take a look at the Triangle Parade of Homes link. 

How are you growing?

School is starting back, and many thoughts recently struck me. I was an average student in school, I didn't want to be there and rarely enjoyed it. I stayed under the radar and drifted through the process. I excelled in college because that was on my terms and interest. When I decided to go into Real Estate, I was surprised by the amount of class time it took to be able to take the licensing test. The surprises continued when I had an NC Real Estate Licence and didn't know how to help consumers sell or buy real estate. The class and licensing were based on rules, laws, guidelines which are needed skills but NOT enough. There is so much more to the process. I was fortunate to have some great mentors along the way, and now that support and challenge me to grow.  I also developed a passion for learning that helps keep me fired up!

During the year, I attend my required continuing education requirements plus more. I just returned from one of my favorite events, the Buffini and Company Mastermind. This event fuels my soul, and I highly recommend it! The focus is on Relationships, Business, Finances, Spirituality, and Health. I always have written goals in each area, and it's great to be surrounded by other like-minded people of all ages, from multiple businesses, different levels of achievements and income that share a hunger for growth.

With a lot of praying and faith that the best is yet to come, I have found people, books, blogs, podcast, classes, and life experiences that have gratefully impacted my life. Some life lessons have been heartbreaking, and others have been mind-opening. As a Christian, I understand that timing is not in my hands and that there are no coincidences. I read a devotional, pray, journal, limit my access to the news, fill my head with positive information, have accountability partners that I talk with every Monday at 8:00 AM, and a business coach call twice a month. I have goals that scare me and that I don't know how I will achieve them. I also know that you're either growing or dying, and I choose growth! What are you doing to grow?


Favorite Good Stuff: The Brian Buffini Show, Darren Daily12 Week YearYou Version Bible appDr. Fung IDM Program

Are you able to help with my Birthday Wish?

Today,  I'm 49 years old and feel Super Blessed! Through the years, my birthday has always been a special celebration for me. I love celebrating other peoples Birthdays just as much as mine. I'm that awkward person that joins in singing Happy Birthday at restaurants and claps when strangers are celebrating Birthdays. I have been known to hug them too. 

When I reflect on childhood Birthday parties, I get nostalgic and warm fuzzies thinking about them. I had a Barbee Doll themed party with a doll shaped cake, a joint Skating Party with a childhood friend and many Pool Parties as a child. My Mama always worked hard to make the occasion fun. Honestly, I thought the 4th of July celebrations were also for me until my brother busted my bubble.

I use to celebrate the entire month because why not? We should celebrate life as often as possible. When I turned 40, I bought myself a gift once a month and had a meal with a different loved one, part of my tribe or family once a month. It was a phenomenal experience! 

Are you willing to help me celebrate this year? I need your help! I will be turning 50 next year, and my wish is to Volunteer my time and resources to 50 organizations before December 31, 2020. I can't do this alone because it would take a crazy amount of time to organize such a goal. There are 52 weeks in a year, and that is why my target to complete this goal is the end of 2020. I already have some commitments on the calendar and would love to hear what organizations, churches, and non-profits that you're passionate about and how I may contribute. So don't hesitate to reach out because this is my wish and you can help make it happen. 


Unplugged for 14 Days! Take my Challenge...

I just returned from a 14 Day Vacation traveling from New England to Nova Scotia. I'm beyond grateful for this opportunity and couldn't have done it without a fantastic business partner that covered me, a team of excellent service providers that I trust and my clients encouraging me.  I'm blessed, surrounded by people that make me better, challenge me daily by reminding me of self-care and travel that fills my sweet soul. 

The truth is I packed the morning we left; I was exhausted from checking and triple checking all of my notes on current business, future business + all of the details that are involved in everyday life. The night before leaving, I slept maybe 2.5 hours, not due to excitement but still checking off list after list. I was determined to turn off all technology notifications at 8:00 AM until I returned, and I did it! Well, I did use my phone to find a good Lobster Restaurant in Maine, for taking pictures, and that doesn't count. I thought it would be harder to unplug than it was, and believe that since I diligently prepared, it felt GOOD. 

Have you ever really unplugged from technology? Our brains need the rest! We are not made to stay as connected as we are to phones, text, emails, computers, audible books, podcast, social media, TV, The News, etc. How many times a day do you search online or ask Siri or Alexa a question? I often say, "I'll Google it," in conversations. Technology is an excellent resource,  it's convenient, and I'm a huge fan. 

I challenge you to write down the number of times you respond or use any form of technology for one day. The challenge may sound overwhelming for some. Do you feel like technology is addictive? Trust me, I felt like a slave to technology before my escape. I survived and felt like I was handed a gift equally as good as my vacation.  Since returning, I'm more consciously aware of tracking my connected time.  Ask me how I'm doing when you see me. Take my challenge and update me on if your goal is to unplug for a few hours, days, or weeks. What is the worse that could happen? You may improve your relationships, memory, sleep, health, attitude, and increase your work performance afterward.  

The search was worth it! Yum! 

Full Frame + Free Events

As many of you already know,  I'm a big fan of Full Frame Documentary Film Festival and grateful to have a business partner that will cover me while I volunteer (look for me on the plaza or in Fletcher) and binge on as many films as possible from April 4-7, 2019. I hope you already have your passes because there are only 2 options left. Yikes! There have been changes from the past year so you want to make sure you know the guidelines before standing in line. The last-minute line requires a pass this year, and you can't pay cash at the line so come prepared with a Rush Pass or other Passes. 

FREE Events! We all love free so plan on joining in on the fun. I've had the pleasure of seeing both RBG and Won't you be my Neighbor? They are both great! 

Friday ~ FREE Screening of RBG 8- 10:15PM at Motorco
               (No ticket required)

               Late Night Bash 9-11:00PM Unscripted Durham
               (No ticket required)

Saturday ~ FREE Screening of Won't you be my Neighbor?  
                  8:30-10:10PM at Durham Central Park (Outdoor)
                  (No ticket required)
Sunday ~ School of Doc, Closing Night Film
                2:30-3:30 at Cinema 2
                (No ticket required)
~ Stacie 

Thank you notes...

These are a few of the Thank You notes that I have recently saved. You will see a variety of notes and pictures that children have colored. I actually keep them all and have decided to start taking pictures of them when I need to file some. Each note is an inspiration, a story, a family, or a friend that I have been honored to assist with their Real Estate needs. The notes are not expected and are not an obligation, so don't worry. They are merely a reminder of the privilege I have when being asked to help someone make the most significant financial decision they will ever make. I don't accept this position lightly and take referrals as the best compliment given.

The notes are from First Time Home Buyers that have started their dreams of owning their own home with anticipation of expanding their family. From families that were outgrowing their homes and needed more space and those that are downsizing.  From families that I've had the pleasure of assisting with selling and purchasing multiple homes. From families that have new needs of multigeneration homes to accommodate their children and aging parents. From first time sellers, seasoned sellers and from investors.

I'm fortunate that 100% of my business is by referral.  I don't advertise me (I'm on all the regular websites - I just don't pay to promote me). I focus on the clients needs to ensure they are making an informed decision with the least amount of stress possible. It's not about selling a home, it's about creating a relationship that sellers and buyers feel confident in. They also know that I'm available before, during and after the transaction. I don't make a living off of one home no matter the cost, I make a living by being a knowledgable Realtor that cares enough to be present throughout the process and shares the facts even when it doesn't feel good.

If you know someone that needs advise on selling or buying, please ask their permission for you to call me with their contact information, and I will work hard to earn their trust throughout the process.

~ Stacie Dye

Old Time Rock in Roll ~ Bob Seger + Mama

Mom sporting her Bob Seger shirt. 
This is my Mama! Some people call her Sandra and most of my friends call her Mama. She has wanted to see Bob Seger as long as I can remember and she often tells people "I'm just an Old Rocker." That wish came true this week and it was Ridiculously Amazing! The joy I received in watching her have fun and sing every song was incredible. We joked that we wished we could remember things the way we remember lyrics. She has loved music her entire life and I'm grateful she exposed us to all genres even though Rock is her favorite. 

She encouraged me to learn a musical instrument when I was a child because she didn't have that opportunity. I choose dance instead and I'm considering lessons now. 

Saturday mornings was a favorite time in our home. We made homemade Pizza for lunch and watched American Bandstand hosted by Dick Clark and Soul Train hosted by Don Cornelius. The dance party was on! Mom, my brother and I would dance, sing and laugh. She often cranked up the tunes, danced while preparing meals and loved sharing her collection of eight tracks, records, cassettes or finding the right song on the radio. She has graduated to cds and Pandora now. 

Growing up Mama always took me, my friends and cousins to concerts. This was not an easy treat due to where we lived. Everything was a minimum of an 90 minutes away or longer. She was criticized by another parent for doing so. I watched and listened to Rock and Roll when other kids were watching Sesame Street. Thanks Mama, I still don't like puppets and I turned out okay. Through the years, she drove many miles to take us to see Alabama, Journey, Guns and Roses, Poison, Def Leppard, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Metallica, Hank Williams, Jr., Aerosmith, Whitesnake, Duran Duran, Run D.M.C, Foreigner, ZZ Top, Blondie, Twisted Sister, Alan Jackson, Van Halen, Backstreet Boys, Boyz to Men, New Kids on the Block, Fat Boys, James Brown, The Temptations, The Coaster and The Drifters to name a few. She shares fond memories of seeing Elvis and didn't allow me to go to the KISS concert because I was to young. I'm now her chauffeur/escort to shows and we have seen Michael Buble and Sam Smith in the past few years. Pitbull is still on her list so stay tune. 

Okay, so Mama has always been cooler than me and drives a cooler car. I would like to think that I have a little bit of the rebel, strength, preserverance and sass that she owns. Her short term memory maybe getting worse and life isn't always easy. These memories surrounded by music will always bring us JOY. 

Music can bring up so many emotions and is often healing, freeing and an escape. What are your favorite musicians, tunes or memories? Do you hear a song that takes you back in time? 

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato