Garden Answers App

This was such a pleasant surprise when a client introduced me to this FREE App today. Have you seen it or used it? Take a look at the video. I used the Garden Answers App 4 times today. It's easy, fun and educational. 

Please share more Apps or ideas that you find useful. 

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Habitat for Humanity Opportunity...

I've never volunteered at Habitat and I'm super Excited! Stay active, make new friends and help your community is posted on their website. I absolutely LOVE that! If you're curious or have volunteered in the past, please consider joining us. 

Volunteers of all skill levels are welcome! No construction experience is necessary.

My company -- Real Estate Experts -- is sponsoring 2 Habitat for Humanity Build Teams on March 10th. There are two 3.5 hour time slots. Click here to sign up. We would love your help!  

Happy New Year + Protect Your Online Information

Happy New Year! As I reflect on 2017 and the roller coaster called life, my heart is full of Gratitude! Thank you to those who give me constant support, love, business, opportunities and new challenges! 

I'm not one that makes New Year's resolutions because I'm constantly evolving throughout the year and trying to improve by setting new goals. I think this blog deserves more time and want to provide all with valuable information like below. 

You may already be aware or I was not. I typed in my name and every phone number I ever had was linked to it along with every address and a list of all of my family members was detailed. I don't want this type of information floating around so I removed myself.  It you want to remove yourself follow the details on this link. If you know of other sites like this please let me know and I will update others. 

My contact information is public because I'm a Realtor and want people to be able to find me. Thankfully, I work 100% by referrals so if you have a referral for me please contact me with their contact details and I will take great care of them. 

Stacie Dye

Tulips, Daffodils & More ....

Spring has arrived early at Duke Gardens so schedule a visit before the weekend forecast of snow.  The tulips and daffodils are in full bloom. Check out the events calendar too. I love the new sculpture on the South Lawn by Patrick Dougherty

Chilhuly in Alamance until October 15, 2016!

Alamance Arts, Graham, NC

I have been following Dale Chihuly's work for over 25 years and recently enjoyed the Chihuly Gardens in Seattle. I love that Alamance Arts in Graham, NC has the largest privately owned collection on display now until October 15, 2016. This is a beautiful collection and I encourage you to view it while it is in NC. 

The Chandelier came in 1500 pieces and took 2 men 3 days to install. It cost $10,000 to get it to NC, $10,000 to get it hung and will cost $10,000 for it to be shipped back to its owner. They also had to add rreinforcement to the ceiling before installing. The endowment paid $150,000 to meet all of the requirements for shipping and installation and it's FREE to the public. Take a look at a few pictures below.