Reunited and it feels so Good!


Reunited, and it feels so good were the lyrics I started singing when Delta delivered my luggage to my home. This was a 1978 hit by Peaches and Herbs (google it), and I laughed when it came to mind. Isn't it amazing how our brains recall lyrics, events, quotes, and stories?

I just experienced one of the best real estate conferences in the past 18 years (Peak Experience with Brian Buffini -More to come). I thought about how my luggage was tied into the Customer Service we all hope to deliver in business. I had 6 flight delays and 1 flight cancellation. When I say that some people were huffy at the airport, that would be an understatement. It's annoying when things inconvenience us; however, my perspective was different. I was intrigued by the customer service I witnessed. Traveling is a privilege and can be challenging. Thank you, Delta, for not flying me home through tornados and hail. Thank you for keeping your employees and us safe. Thank you for keeping me informed throughout the process. Thank you for delivering my luggage on two separate trips as it arrived. Isn't that what we all want? I thanked the representative when I stood in line to ask about my flight options. He stopped, looked me dead in my eyes, and smiled with a big exhale. He said you're the first thank you of the day. He said I've been waiting for just one thank you because I usually get at least one. It was 10PM, and I don't know when his shift started. I heard the unreasonable criticism and harsh language he endured before me. I watched him be the ultimate professional, speaking calmly and with an assuring tone. He did a great job under high pressure. Come on, people! Good Customer service is not always the standard these days. It hurts me to say that, and I always want to give credit to those who honor it. It also encourages me to improve my business and services. 

I lost the only jacket I packed at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. The locals told me to wear layers, and I did. They said if you don't like the weather, it will change in 15 minutes, and that seemed to be the case. That morning, it was cold; that afternoon, it was in the high 80s. I don't remember losing clothing before, but I got startled when my home alarm went off (tech issue) and left my jacket. I realized it several hours later and reported it to the hotel. I described it, and they said it was secure. They could not deliver it then, and it was secure, so I couldn't pick it up. They asked where I would be at 7PM. I told them I planned to attend a networking dinner and gave them the restaurant's name. The security officer of the hotel delivered my jacket before the appetizers arrived. Wow! The Broadmoor provided exceptional customer service then and throughout the conference. 

These situations and the conference have made me question how to enhance my company standards and customer service. What do you need as a Seller or Buyer that is beyond my current business plan? I want to know the best ways to provide exceptional service. 

Travel tips: Take a picture of your bags and luggage receipt stickers. Use multiple luggage tags. The Velcro name tag was the only one returning on this trip. This is a great gift for those who travel. Place your name and details inside your bag. Use Airtags and check the batteries. Text yourself and your loved ones the airline code and flight number. It's the fastest way to preview flight changes. For the love of God, clean your luggage (especially the wheels) before bringing it inside your home. I like to use alcohol and magic erasers. Be Kind, or Stay Home! 😊

Celebrating working by referral!


I received this recognition in the mail a few days ago and have reflected on its meaning. When I started in Real Estate 17 years ago, I had no idea what the adventure would be. I was a burned-out social worker that needed a change. I have always loved working with people, looking at homes, architecture, and decorating. When I visited Durham in 2005, I didn't want to go home. I LOVED it and still do. I took a leap of faith by changing careers and moving to another state. Did I mention I didn't know anyone in NC or how to sell Real Estate? That didn't stop me!

The behind-the-scenes in our industry is that it can be isolating. It can be challenging if you are used to synergizing with others because of a scarcity mentality. I was introduced to other Real Estate Coaching companies early on and immediately felt panic at their suggested business approach. I was confident I needed help to grow and knew I would only excel at methods that resonated with me. I also wanted to avoid meeting strangers in empty homes, so I needed to figure something out quickly. 

In 2006 I was introduced to Brian Buffini through video and CDs. His approach was Working By Referral. He is a gifted Real Estate Coach who worked as a successful Realtor for years and now owns the largest Real Estate Coaching company, Buffini and Company. He shared a 5 Circle Approach to Life with an Irish accent (I'm sure that drew me in), including Spirituality, Family, Business, Finances, and Personal. I was all in! This made sense to me and gave me hope. 

Ten years ago, I took another leap of faith and signed up for Coaching. I'm a student for life, and anything I can do to help myself and others is still exciting. The best part of this long-term business commitment is the relationships along the way. Attending the events feels like a family reunion, even when meeting new people. I've met Real Estate Agents throughout the country that are now part of my network. It is a blessing to be around like-minded people that take time away from life to improve themselves, be authentic and vulnerable, and strive to compete with themselves instead of others. The general belief is there is an abundance of business opportunities available to us all, and we all have different goals and want different things. 

I'm so grateful to work 100% by referrals and appreciate your continued support of me and my business. There is no greater honor than for me to serve you, your family, friends, and colleagues. If you or someone you know can benefit from my services or need a referral in the US or Canada, contact me at (919) 475-9460. I'm here to help and appreciate the opportunity. 



More than a Coffee...

Have you been to 321 Coffee in Durham yet? I walked in just before closing last week and was greeted with a smile and good coffee. The Downtown Durham location is exploding with new construction and activity. Parking was easy in the garage (small fee). I loved all the natural light pouring in and the clean, modern decor. However, my favorite part of the experience was the people. The shop is staffed by individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who have a lot of love to give. I love this concept and look forward to going again! The sandwiches and sweet treats are from Ninth Street Bakery, a local favorite.

Exploring Durham! Where should I go next?

I've decided to start exploring Durham and The Triangle Area! Do you ever feel like you're in a rut and do the same thing every day? I do! I used to pride myself on knowing what was going on in Durham with new businesses, restaurants, museums, parks, historic sites, activities, and communities. Many of us feel that way since we've been isolated for the last few years. I keep asking everyone I talk to what they do for fun, and guess what? I'm not alone. We're caught up in daily life and need to plan time for fun. This is a public service announcement - IT'S OK TO HAVE SOME FUN! Have we learned anything from the last few years? I'm ready to get back out there and explore. Do you want to join me? Do you have any suggestions? Where should I go next? Will you invite me? I want this to be an interactive experience for us all. Share a place or event that you're looking forward to. 
Let's have some fun! 

These are pictures of a recent Tuesday Night adventure to Aperitif, a dessert wine bar in Durham. I laughed about being out at night even though I was home by 9PM. Hey, it's a start! They are known for their extensive wine list, unique cocktails, small tasty bites, and relaxing atmosphere! There is plenty of parking, and it's a great place to watch the sunset, spend time with friends, or on a date night. Our waitress was great and provided excellent recommendations and service. I look forward to going back and enjoying the outdoor seating. 
This place is a gem! Have you been? 

A Touch of Color!

I've been tweaking a few areas in my home lately, and I'm obsessed with removable wallpaper. I know, I always tell you that you need to stick with neutral colors and that your home will sell for more money if buyers can see themselves living there and I will continue to stand by that proven fact. I'm not selling my home though and I LOVE COLOR! This accent wall is just enough.

Wallpaper you ask? Yes, I have memories of scraping off old wallpaper used in the past, chipping my fingernails, inhaling all the yuck that comes with it, and swearing that I would never hang wallpaper again but this is different. This is removable, easy, and can add a simple change that brings JOY. The hardest part is matching the pattern. It is pretty forgiving if you need to pull it up a few times to get it right. Wallpaper is trending again. What do you think?

A Long Goodbye...

My Mama, Sandra Dye (aka Sandra Dee), peacefully died on 2-2-22. Most of you met her during the past 6 + years I cared for her. You met at client appreciation events, at our home, when she rode shotgun on appointments or gave out pop by gifts with me. Toward the last few years, she came with a warning because I never knew what she would say or, more accurately, what the Alzheimer's version of her would say. She shared stories with colorful details and lots of enthusiasm. The stories were magical and partly true except for what was made up or embellished. You never blinked in supporting me or embracing her. Thank you!

The last two years have been brutal watching the constant change and adapting minute by minute. It was a huge learning curve and many dark days. However, the consistency of going to work gave me energy and purpose with more control than what was going on at home.

During this time, my business continued to grow, and you continued to send me referrals. Thank You! 2021 was my best year in business to date and my most challenging personal year ever. Actually, the low inventory has made work ten times harder too. I'm in awe at your continued support of me and my business, but it's much more than that. Many of you have become close friends and chosen family. (By the way, this is not a requirement for future clients) How amazing is that? You pitched in and offered to sit with Mama, bring meals, run errands, called to check-in, texted, sent cards of encouragement, brainstormed with me on her care needs, and provided her a source of endless cookies (her favorite). I'm honored by your level of compassion! Thank you to the Buyers who met me on appointments at 6 AM so I could be home when Mama was awake during her last days. Thank you to the clients that waited until I could get her to sleep to discuss the multiple offers on your home and negotiations late into the evening. Your patience was a gift and helped me more than you will ever know.  

Mama was at peace and so full of gratitude and love for me. Her last words were, I love you. She was bedridden and could barely talk in her last days. Some of you witnessed her love for music, so I wanted to share that the day before she died, the music therapist (Heartland Hospice) brought her guitar and started singing Amazing Grace over her. Mom had not been responding for over 4 hours. She opened her eyes and raised her hands. I thought she would praise God, but in true form, she started mimicking air guitar and sang every verse. I cried like a water faucet was turned on. It was a beautiful glimpse of PURE JOY! She rested, and a few songs later, she gave us shoulder action and sang All Shook Up by Elvis. That was the last spurt of the spunky personality shared on earth, and I know she danced right into heaven. I'm blessed to feel her presence with me daily, even though the loss is enormous.  

Thank you for being a part of our life! Thank you for letting me serve you and your Real Estate referrals! Thank you for serving me with so much more! I hope you will enjoy eating a warm cookie in Mama's honor! 
💗 Stacie


Checking in + Care Act Info

I hope this message finds you doing well! If you have specific Real Estate needs, please contact me directly at (919)475-9460. We are fortunate that our market will hold up strong during this time.
Please watch this video
I feel a strong need to reach out to you and have been making calls daily. We are all facing new challenges and I wanted to offer some hope and clarify some misconceptions about the Cares Act. Please don't feel ashamed if you need assistance at this time. The information is difficult to go through. This link will provide some highlights of valuable knowledge and needs that people are facing. Please share it with others.
If you are not able to pay your mortgage or rent due to circumstances of unemployment from COVID 19, contact them directly to discuss your needs and be sure you understand what your mortgage vendor is offering. I genuinely believe that you need to be proactive in your efforts. Forbearance is not forgiveness. If you don't understand the options, contact your accountant or legal advisor. Call me if you need a referral for those services.
Your Friend in Real Estate
~Stacie Dye